Recently I started taking the bus to work. I did this for two reasons, one is that I lost my parking benefit at work, and the second was that I thought it would be a good way to help the environment (and save money).  When I lived downtown I used to ride the bus everywhere and I really liked it.  I could walk miles in my high heels, carrying several bags of things, and I would listen to my ipod–almost always dance music as I strolled down to the street stepping to the rhythm of the latest pop hits.  Of course, now I live in the suburbs I don’t have to walk nearly as far, but this whole commuting without a care is forcing me to streamline my process.  The good thing is that I know have about 30 minutes of free time to ride the bus.  Yesterday I used it to start reading the book Results That Last.

I have only read the first chapter so far, but I feel like I am really getting a lot out of the book.  The first chapter is all about performance management and managing the team.  It breaks up teams into high, medium, and low performers and explains the differences with each.  It gives little anecdotes and guidance on how to talk to these individuals, coach them, and top grade your team (although it doesn’t use that term). None of it is *new* information per se, but I like the methods and ideas–and there are lots of little good tidbits.  For example, one thing that struck me was how it described low performers as people who get results but occasionally have a bad attitude or don’t act as expected.  I started thinking about this particular line item in regards to myself and my team.  And the most shocking thing occured to me–as of late I think I fall into this bucket.

You see, I have been pretty discouraged lately with work (I think part of it is that I want to start my own company and I think another part of it is a long hours for the last 18+ months) and it has been reflected in my general attitude and demeanor in the office.  This is really bad, because it has the tendency to impact those around me in a negative way.  So needless to say I am now totally focused on improving my attitude towards work.

In the past I wrote an entry on the power of positive thinking.  Being positive applies to lots of things, but when it comes to interacting (and leading) others being positive and upbeat can have a major effect on others.  Just spend a few moments thinking of all the people you like to be around.  For me almost all of those people are a lot of fun.  They make me smile and make me laugh and of course they are people I can learn from.  I aspire to be one of those people.  My negative attitude makes me a little caustic rain cloud and I know I need to flip over a new leaf.  So today, when I was getting dressed this morning I smiled, and I made a commit to myself to be positive.

Sending many smiles your way 🙂 🙂

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