Hello!  I have 2 orders of business.

Better One on Ones

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we released a new (free) tool to help you with one on one meetings.
It is very simple – each week it emails you (the team lead) and your team 2 questions to use in your meeting.

I created this service because a few years ago I drafted a list of a few hundred questions I *should* be asking in my one on one meetings.  I would use this list to make the context switch from tactical work, to focusing on my teammate in my office.  I had a hard time with this transition so these questions were a crutch to help me be a better manager.

Well one time I emailed the questions since I we were moving offices and I didn’t have them.  That week I had the best meetings and got much better feedback.  One of the guys even said “I wish you did this every week because I have time to think about my answers”, and the script to send these questions was born.  

We took it to the next level with this tool to include coaching tips and we aim to make the emails a little bit fun.  Check it out! 
And if you have feedback or ideas, definitely let me know!

Can you take a quick 2 minute survey?

We are also working on the next version of our goal tracking tool.  And we would love your input to help us build the best tool possible.

The button below takes you to a 2 minute (6 questions) survey.  

It would really help us to get some insight and your input would be invaluable. 
Thanks in advance!

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