Update: Based on the amazing response to this post and my passion for building the perfect notebook, we launched a Kickstarter on November 20, 2014 to fund our creation of the perfect notebook. The Spark Notebook was fully funded just 14 hours after launch, and we have just kept going to see how far we can […]

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thanks for being a reference, despite what you know

Contractor Research – Guerrilla Style Choosing to outsource a part of your business and your work is a big decision.  Many times these are big endeavors that require a lot of time and lot of money.  Therefore as a leader in your company influencing the vendor selection through thorough research and information can help set the project […]

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Will send out handwritten cards on a schedule (having gifts/flowers would be an added bonus). Image by tapperboy via Flickr Here is the problem: I have two sets of grandparents (don’t worry they will never read this blog).  I really like sending them little greeting cards on the holidays because they really like getting them […]

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