There are two things I love in life–a great deal and high heels. Nordstrom had the half yearly sale last week and one night when I wasn’t working I was able to steal away a spend a few hours shopping. I haven’t been buying many clothes lately (I probably should since my diet seems to be working and now almost all my pants are too big), but once again I indulged in some new shoes. I bought two pairs of shoes a bronze pair of Cole Haan pumps and a pair of Kate Spade stappy sandals. While both pairs of shoes are comfortable and very pretty, I cannot say enough how much I love the new Cole Haan pumps. They have Nike Air technology integrated into the shoe, and they are seriously the most comfortable pair of high heels I have ever purchased. I am seriously so excited about how comfortable they are, I don’t think I will be able to convince myself to consider another brand of shoe. For all the ladies who read my blog, if you haven’t tried these shoes yet, you must go right to the store and walk around in a pair–I swear you will love the way they feel.

Here are the shoes I bought:
And here is a picture of me and Gizmo from about a year ago 🙂


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