The first part of my 360 review the “continue” feedback.  These are the things that I should continue doing, or basically my strengths.  Attached below you can find the pdf of the feedback that was given to me (and reading it might help the post make more sense).

Here is a link to the feedback for those who are curious (pdf):

360 Feedback for Kate Matsudaira – Continue Doing

Here was my assignment:

What themes to do you see?   Do you own them?  How can you leverage them more?

The first part: themes.

Coaching and personal development 
I was shocked to see people actually liked 1:1s.  Do you know I hate(d) 1:1s with all my managers?  I even avoid them today, so I am surprised that people like their meetings with me.  Although it does make me feel good about my approach.  I really do like developing and helping people – from finding articles they like, to classes they may want to take, or even books they should read.  I love helping people grow and am passionate about personal development.
Hiring and building a team
I feel good about my ability around hiring and understanding people’s strengths.  Understanding people and taking the time to learn what makes them tick, what they love to do and what they are best at, is something that I think about when assigning (or suggesting) roles.
This has been something I have considered as one of my strengths for a few years, so it is nice that it is recognized.
I actually worry that this one may be on my negative feedback so the general heading is perhaps too general.  However, there were a few notes around public praise on other teams, sharing customer feedback, and general strategy with the team.  It is nice to see that this is a positive, but it something I have been working on improving and feel like there is still a ways to go here.

Do I own them?  How can you leverage them more?

This is hard.

I think I own them (you can read my comments above).  I am not sure how I can leverage them more though.

One thing I could do is create more standardization (documentation, guidelines) on what I do well (but that is capitalizing on those traits in some ways) – although in theory learning to do this better would certainly help grow others.

Another would be to try and expand these ideas outside of my world and into the rest of the company.  I need to think more about how I would do this….

Would love ideas/suggestions here if you have any 🙂


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