chanel mascara exceptionnel de channel intense volume mascara


Exceptionnel de Chanel Intense Volume And Curl Mascara

I have this big box under my bathroom counter I use for free samples.  The fancy hotel shampoos and soaps (only if they are legitmately fancy which typically means only posh hotels), perfumes, makeup–everytime I get one of these little trifles I put them in this box.

Ever since they instituted that itty-bitty baggy for liquids I have been raiding my box for soap, shampoo, makeup, anything that is small so I can have some space for the stuff I really need (like how can you even take mousse and hairspray on a plane anymore without checking luggage–the travel sizes take up half your little baggy).  Most recently on my trip to LA I was digging around in the box and found some Chanel Mascara.  Being a girl I love all things Chanel, so I figured I would give it a try on my trip.

This mascara was so amazing.  It made my eyelashes look so long and gorgeous I kept getting asked if they were fake (I have long lashes already, but this mascara made them extraordinary).  I think it was because the brush had these little rubber nubs instead of the usual bristle brush.  I went to the drugstore trying to find mascara with the same brush (since I read somewhere all makeup comes from a few places and the only real difference is the color and brand–and I have been a 7 year devotee of Maybelline Full N Soft Mascara).  I bought 5 different ones (2 from Maybelline) and I was not able to replicate the gorgeous lashes from my Chanel sample.

I kept using the sample because I couldn’t fathom spending $28 on mascara (even though I went and spent $25 trying to find a suitable substitute).  When it ran out I was sad.  After my shower I was applying my makeup and desperate for a little more, stuck the brush in my old mascara but the effects were not the same.  That night on my way home I stopped by Nordstrom and caved in–I spent my $28+tax to have my Chanel lashes.

So the moral of the story is, if you have a truly great product you should give out free samples–you will convert people who normally are very difficult to change.  And if you haven’t tried this mascara you should (maybe go ask for a sample)–it is amazing!

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