HALF MOON BAY, CA - OCTOBER 08:  A miniature pumpkin sits on top of a giant pumpkin at the 34th Annual Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off October 8, 2007 in Half Moon Bay, California. Thad Starr of Pleasant Hill, Oregon took the top honor at tihis years pumpkin weigh-off with his pumpkin coming in at 1524 pounds, earning his $6 per pound in prize money for a total of $9144.

One of the things I love the most about October is that with October comes pumpkin flavored everything.  Today one of my coworkers brought in a bunch of muffins, some of which were pumpkin flavored.  Last week I went to Starbucks and they had their seasonal pumpkin syrup (most people put this into lattes, but since I don’t drink coffee I add it to steamed non-fat milk with a couple of splendas–it takes just like liquid pumpkin pie).  I also plan to make it a point to go to the Cheesecake Factory this month, as they have pumpkin pie cheesecake (this is a great thing to bring to a party if you have a potluck or some other similar gathering to attend this month).

It is fall again in Seattle and summer is officially coming to a close.  The other morning when I stepped outside there was the classic Seattle mist in the air and I could smell the faint scent of my conditioner and perfume.  In the moment I took a few deep breaths into the cold air and I can honestly say it made me feel so alive.  I guess it is hard to explain but in that moment it was as if everything came into the crystal clear perspective.  I just know this year is going to be a big year.

There is so much turmoil going on with the economy and while so many people are frenetic and stressed I feel hopeful and optimistic.  At work a lot of people were talking about the economy and the bill that didn’t get through congress.  I am still not sure how I feel about the bill–the more I read the more on the fence I am about the issue.  It is obviously controversial, and I don’t think anyone can even guess how it would end up playing out in the end.  It is definitely a major turning point for our country and I really hope we end up in a better place because of it.

I hope everyone is doing okay in spite of all of the economic turmoil.

On a side note, here are some links to two pumpkin recipes I want to try.  No one is interested in the pumpkin pasta so I am currently recruiting people to come over and eat it with me–I think it sounds really good.

Penne Pumpkin Pasta

Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

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