One of the questions I have considered, and seem to revisit annually, is whether or not to get an MBA. I once had a mentor who asked me the question of what do you learn in an MBA that you can learn in a job? It is a great question. And at the time I had two recent MBA graduates from top programs working for me—and asking me to help them with their careers. It definitely makes you question if getting an MBA is really worth the time and money (or even more importantly the opportunity cost of doing something different). Regardless, it is still a question I consider and I may end up in one of those executive MBA programs in the not so distant future.

In the meantime though, I came across this web site: Personal MBA. It is a really cool site with member forums and book list, and it emphasizes the importance of self education. I have read a lot of the books already, but I have already ordered a few more off of to put in the giant stack of books next to my night stand (it is so tall now it moved off the night stand and onto the floor).

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