I have been doing lots of research this week–both in terms of reading information online and talking to resources close to me.  Here are the relevant developments:

  1. The GMAT.  I am going to start studying and preparing for the GMAT.  I have been good at standardized tests in the past, but I am not even sure what the GMAT means now (I think it may even be computerized!).  So I ordered a Kaplan test prep book to start preparing.  I am not sure if I will apply to an MBA program this year, but I need to take the test to even consider it in the future, so I am going to take the first step.  *BTW, the jury is still out on if I should get an MBA or not–most on this later as my studying and reflections progress…
  2. The iPhone.  In my quest for passive income I have been trying to come up with some ideas on things I could build or create that could move forward on this goal.  Garrett came up with the best idea of building an iPhone application.  In addition to it being really cool and new, it is also a whole new platform for development.  I am thinking of giving it away for free (since at least the first one will be pretty simple) and just asking for donations.  Not sure how that will work, or if it will work, but it is a neat experiment and I am sure I can learn a lot along the way.
  3. Diet and Exercise.  I have been doing well with the workouts (been watching the opening bell for the stock market every morning while I log my 45 minutes on the elliptical trainer), but still working on the diet part.  However, I really feel like I am moving in the right direction (even though the scale has been stagnant).
  4. Talk to more people who work in finance.  In my quest to learn about this as a potential career path I am going to make an effort to spend some time talking to people who work in the industry and understand what it would take to be successful (and more over, what it would take to even land such a position)

We will see how these things go. I will keep providing updates

In the interim I am thinking about this weekend.  Besides spending time on my iPhone application I need to come up with some good picnic/bbq-esque side dishes for picky eaters.  I have been obsessed with the heirloom caprese salad I learned to make in a Williams Sonoma cooking class (did you know they offer hour long cooking classes for free on an almost weekly basis?–this is a great idea on how to learn something neat for free–and they usually give you snacks too, which is like free food) last weekend, so I might make that on Saturday.  I am trying to come up with some other ideas though–once I decide I will post the recipes I end up selecting 🙂

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