One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was Mor Cosmetics Marshmallow body butter and body wash (I also received the lip gloss–which came in a very cool tube package).  I know it is New Year’s Eve and a more appropriate post would be about all my goals and plans for the New Year, but I had to write about this amazing stuff.

The body wash is nice and thick and a little bit goes a long way (so I hope it lasts a long time).  I haven’t found a scent I loved this much since I came across Lucky Chick‘s Mimosa Jasmine & Violet Body Wash a few years ago.  It is a mix of rose petals, rich vanilla, and other notes (like jasmine) and if I had to describe it in one word it would be glamorous.  The scent is very feminine, and almost vintage (I think that is the rose notes), just like an old Hollywood starlet.  The body butter is very rich (which I love, because I have such dry skin) and the scent lingers almost all day–you really don’t need to wear another perfume with it.  It is so luxurious and I am completely addicted.  I want to buy gallons of this stuff so I will always have it on hand.

mor marshmallow body wash pink
lucky chick shower gel mimosa violet shower gel

lucky chick shower gel

mor marshmallow body wash

It is truly amazing stuff and I think everyone should try it 🙂

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