When I first started dating my boyfriend my good friend took him aside and said “You have to buy her some real jewelry–all she wears is that cheap fashion stuff, she needs real jewelry.”  Well part of the reason I never bought real jewelry was because I had a hard time spending a lot of money on one little thing.  Of course if you buy nice jewelry it can go up in value and therefore be like an investment (and hell, given the economy and recent stock market performance you would have been better off buying diamonds than stocks the last few years) but I still have a hard time buying expensive pieces.  One place I have found though, that I just love is Swarovski crystal jewelry.

When I first heard of Swarovski it was in reference to those little crystal figurines you find in old people’s collections of cats, deers and bears.  Although over the last few years Swarkovski has been heard in compbination with fancy designer clothing, as the little crystals that adorn on all kinds of dresses, tops and accessories.  So I was a bit surprised to find out when one of my fabulous friends was wearing this cool chain pendant and she told me it was from Swarovski–I had no idea they made jewelry.  Well they do, and the best part is that it is chic, glittery and won’t break the bank.  Plus a lot of the designs are so basic and sophisticated they make great gifts (especially for mothers and grandmothers).  The jewelry comes in the sophisticated navy boxes, emblazened with the Swarovski label and logo–very classy.

Here are some pictures of some of my faves (you can buy birthstone for march online):

swarovski necklace pink crystalswaovski earrings clear crystalswarovski crystal ring - blue green and clear stones

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