Every woman should have a signature scent.  What does your say about you?  It is floral and romantic, musky and mysterious, or perhaps complicated and spicy?  Half the time I can’t figure it out.  I have been on a quest for a signature scent for about 6 years now (which is about the same amount of time since I actually found fashion and started cultivating my own sense of style)–and I haven’t found “the one” yet.

I have tried so many flavors–Chance by Chanel, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel, Moon Sparkle by Escada (the latest), Butterfly by Hanae Mori, J’Adore by Dior, Emportio Armani Diamonds, M by Mariah Carey, Princess by Vera Wang, Pink Sugar by Aquolina, Stella by Stella McCartney and more–and I have yet to find one that is the esscense of me.  Well just in time Christmas, Sephora has come up with the best gift idea: a collection of samples that you can then trade in for a full size of the sample you like best.  It is genius.  And unlike a gift certificate it makes a great gift because you can actually wrap up the box (it is just no fun to open gift certificates).  The best part about it is that your recipient (and they have a men’s version too!) can try out all the perfumes and then get the one they like best.  I want to try the a set because perhaps amongst all the little samples I can find my perfect scent (the “New Classics” is the one on my Christmas list).

(Oh and since I hate the women at Sephora–they are always so rude to me when I go in the store–you can buy the sampler online.  You do have to go into the store to redeem your full size version though!)

sephora fragrance sampler for men and women

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