The economy being what it is, certainly is nothing short of depressing.  It is actually really kind of sad.

My New Project: Redecorating!

However, there hasn’t been a better time to get good deals.  The dollar is stronger (so I have been considering a jaunt to Vancouver, Canada for a little shopping) and people are anxious to sell things they don’t need.  I don’t work at Craigslist or Ebay, but I bet that both sites have seen an increase in listings as people attempt to sell things they don’t need to pay for their necessities.

After selling my furniture on craigslist when I moved, I was shocked by all the great deals that exist on furniture.  I don’t think I had thought much about buying furniture used before, but after spending a little while trolling through the listings I don’t know how much new furniture I see in my future.  There are tons and tons of listings–some things that need to be fixed, others that are in brand new condition–and it makes the opportunity for some great finds.

I have been really busy recently with work and with catching up on my reading, but I have decided my next project is to finally finish decorating (and moving in!) our home.  The main problem I face in all of this will be negotiating with Garrett to get rid of more furniture.  I really want to sell our sleigh couch and dining table and replace them with prettier, more fitting pieces.  Not sure how that will work though.  I think I may just buy some additional pieces, add some curtains (drapes can really transform a place) and some art work to start. The one good thing about all of this is I am finding some fabulous pieces for sale for pennies on the dollar so I should be able to make some serious progress.

Christmas Shopping

I still haven’t figured out what to get everyone on my list.  There are so many sales but I just haven’t had any time at all to go shopping and select stuff.  And as usual I am flummoxed on the stocking stuffers.  I am still planning on checking out Fred Flare, and Perpetual Kid to come up with some ideas.  It is so hard to shop for adults sometimes!  Especially boy adults!  I think the most frustrating part in all of this was that I was done last year at this time.  I had picked out everyone’s gifts and had most of them wrapped.  Now I feel like the clock is ticking and I have only purchased 2 gifts so far.  My goal is to place some orders tonight.  If I can get my recipients to swear off reading my blog I will go ahead and post what I pick out 🙂

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