g and i posing in the bathroom while we were all getting ready in our bathroom–don't look at the counters! they are messy!

Well I hope everyone has had a very Merry Christmas, or whatever holiday you may be celebrating this season.  I have been such a bad blogger the last several weeks.  Between learning my new job (which has been keeping me so pre-occupied) and my new project of fixing up the house (there isn’t a much better motivator than 6 house guests!) I have had time for little else these days.  However, I have been making great progress on both aforementioned endeavors (at least I am quite pleased with my progress) I decided I better a least leave a little post with a bit of an update.

As I mentioned I have been working on fixing up the house–of course I am not taking on any major projects (too much $$) but I have been doing little things to really pull everything together (once I am done with it I will post my before and after pictures, which should be in the next few weeks).  When Garrett and I moved in together we had only planned to stay in our current home 2 years or so, but after the real estate bubble popped, moving just didn’t seem like the prudent financial decision for us.  So even though I think buying a new home now could be a great investment–I think our current home should appreciate a bit and it gives us time to put more money into savings (since buying a new home would mean a high mortgage payment).  I really hope that the economy is one the mend and that the real estate market should start trending up–but I digress.  Given that we plan to stay here for a while at least, I decided to put a little money into fixing up the place.  We are still missing furniture in some rooms (like a coffee table) but I added curtains and new bedding and throw pillows to a few of the rooms–and it really pulled things together.  It seriously looks so much better.  Although I have made way too many trips to Target and Bed Bath & Beyond (now affectionately known in our household as BBB) to purchase and return things. Thankfully, I get to take a break on that during the holidays.

Christmas was great for us this year (although I am so sad it is over–I have been listening to Christmas carols the past two days trying to savor every last bit–just like when I eat Menchies frozen yogurt or cotton candy).  Garrett bought me a new Samsung digital camera that I love and am excited to start posting more pictures (my old camera died about 2 years ago and I hadn’t bothered to get a new one since I kept using the digital SLR–which is great but too big to go in a handbag).  He also made some pictures on canvas photos that I am anxious to put up in my newly redecorated house.  I ended up getting him a new lens for his camera, some clothes, cuff links, and perfume (Bond no9 of course–as both of us our obsessed with it).  We had lots of visitors, ate tons of food, had great conversations, played several games of Mexican train dominoes, and had a good time.

me and my sister just before opening our gifts

After Christmas I had one big day of shopping.  I did pretty well in not buying much for myself during the Christmas shopping (except the blue flowered shirt I am wearing in the picture with my sister–but that was only $10 on clearance at Target so it hardly counts), but on the day after Christmas I got up early at 7am (which was actually quite a feat since I had been up until 3am the night previous playing board games with my cousins and family) to hit the after Christmas sales.  Mostly I intended to look for ornaments, gift wrap, etc since most of it is usually 50% off and sure beats buying new stuff next year….however the only place I ended up buying stuff was Banana Republic since they had SO MUCH stuff on sale–and here is the kicker–everything was 50% off the sale price before noon (yay for getting up early!).  Maybe I will make a new post with a bunch of pictures of my new clothes….but I bought several sweaters (around $18 each, marked down for $60), a cute one shoulder dress for $45, and two button down non-iron tops for $15.  I was so proud of all my great finds (and thankfully I happened to be at the mall, in the future I think I really need to figure out how to hear about these amazing deals in advance!).

Tonight I spend most of the night moving my closet from wooden and metal hangers to these new velvet hangers that are *so* much better–the clothes really don’t slip off and they take up so much less space than the wooden alternatives.  Now I am just finishing up some work before the week starts, and of course posting my random little update. 🙂

And finally, I watched the movie Julie and Julia and it really made me think about blogging.  I love her approach of taking on challenge and then following through with it (although to be honest I found Julie pouty and mostly just enjoyed the Julia portion of the movie), I also think it makes me realize that my blog is too random and I need to somehow find a purpose, topic, or theme to fit all of my interests and comments into that vein.  Any suggestions?  I am thinking about it and hope to come up with something good soon.

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