Looking back 2008 was a rough year, thwart with change.  In October the financial markets took a turn for the worst, and it seemed like the whole world changed over night.  In a matter of a few months people became more focused on saving (probably a good thing for us over-consuming Americans).  And with the super high oil prices, fuel took on a whole new budget concern (filling my gas tank went from $27 to $65!) but drove many people to look for alternatives to save money and energy by “going green”.  We elected the first non-white male to the White House and even had a female contenders on the ticket.  My company also re-launched as Delve Networks, which was very eventful and exciting.  My personal life was pretty non-changing, although next year is a our big wedding and that will certainly be fun and a momentous occasion.

In the past I have always found that odd years tend to be better for me.  I am very anxious for 2009 and am looking forward to lots of positive change.  I am planning to do some more investing this year and am excited about all the of the bargain stocks. I am also going to focus on saving a lot, spending less, and just being more economical in general–and it couldn’t be a better year for it ๐Ÿ™‚

I wonder what the fashion will be this year?  I am hoping that wedges come back for summer, I will just be happy for things to warm up here!

Anyway, I wish everyone the best!

Oh and check your horoscope for 2009–here is my Aquarius forecast (see source here) for future reference ๐Ÿ™‚

After a long wait, your golden year has arrived, dear Aquarius! On January 5, Jupiter will enter Aquarius and crown you the celestial favorite, a title you have not held since 1997. What lies before you is a glorious year of good fortune. You will have good health, support from VIPs, a real shot at finding true love if you’re single, and an opportunity to grasp your dream goal. We only get approximately seven of these magnificent years in a lifetime, and 2009 will be one of those shining years for you.

The ancient astrologers always wrote about the power of these rare years when Jupiter conjuncts your Sun. You will attract many new people to your path and you will benefit from your association with many of them. Those people will range from the introduction to new business associates, to new friends, and of course, to meeting that one special person. If you are married or attached, your optimism will be so strong as to color everything you do – your partner won’t be able to resist you. If you feel ready for a baby or a move to a larger house, it looks like your partner will agree. As I said, this is a year like no other you’ve seen in a long time – twelve years to be exact.

As an Aquarian, your sign rules all the sciences, from high technology to the social sciences. Your perceptive mind tells you what is missing in society – and what is needed next. As the great innovator sign, you are always a step ahead of others. You are used to seeing that most people have no idea what you are talking about when you first propose one of your forward-thinking ideas. No matter, it never troubled you being a black sheep – you reveled in the role! You never cared what other people thought of you or your ideas. You had built your own yardstick for success, and in a way, you were always your own hardest critic anyway. Being free from caring what other people thought or said about you has always freed you to follow your own drummer. In the year ahead, you may be a bit bewildered to find that others will catch up with you, see your wisdom for a change, and praise your efforts.

Your instincts, opinions, tastes, and direction will be followed and hailed as brilliant, and you will chuckle over the fact that everyone has come ’round to your way of thinking. It won’t always be this way, but it certainly will make your task easier this year! Knowing this, you should put forth your biggest dreams in 2009 while you have such extraordinary favor, for if you do, you will get a big running start. This year will start you on a 12-year cycle, so the initiations you make now will carry you forward at least that long, if not longer.

In the year ahead, you will be offered an array of choices by Jupiter, whose whole job it will be to please and delight you. The only danger is that you will have so many choices you may be tempted to run in too many directions. Choose carefully and direct your attention to the goals that hold the greatest potential.

Of all the signs, as an Aquarius, you’ve been among the most beleaguered signs. You were first tested by Saturn opposed to your Sun, and then beginning last February and August 2008, by the start of the eclipses in Aquarius, the opposite sign of Leo. Saturn and the eclipses were asking you to reinvent yourself, and from mid-2005 you’ve been doing just that.

You have so much to look forward to, dear Aquarius! You have waited so long for a bit of luck. It’s finally coming through to you! Spend the month thinking about how you can best use this dazzling, rare energy. Next month will be an even bigger and happier month for you. Just you wait till you see!


What a glorious year awaits you in 2009! You will soon be crowned the celestial favorite on January 5 when Jupiter enters Aquarius for the first time in twelve years. Jupiter will remain at your side until January 17, 2010, a full year. Lucky you! This should be a big, wide year, where almost everything you do will have large scale! With such favor, there will be no reason to hold back! Institute your biggest ventures and initiations in February when so many planets will be on your side.

There is no doubt you are eager to get going, but you will have to hold back because of the impending Mercury retrograde period, due from January 11 to February 1. Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius, so you will feel it more directly than most. Mercury retrograde will slow the place and make you revisit and revise some of your decisions, plans, and projects. It is not a time to sign contracts or to begin any new venture. It’s also a bad time to buy electronic items or anything expensive.

Don’t work up too closely to January 11 or be tempted to jump on plans too quickly the minute February 1 arrives – you need to leave a space of about three days from those start and end dates, at least. Mercury is often quite a naughty little gremlin at those start and end dates. Relax, though, for even though Mercury will be out of phase, you’ll still have plenty to celebrate this month.

You will have your “luckiest day of the year” to look forward to on January 23-24 when fortunate Jupiter will merge his brilliant energy with the mighty Sun. These two heavenly bodies will work to bring you good fortune on so many levels – too many to count. This day may even bring the kind of luck that you would say is against all odds. A partner or middleman seems to be responsible for what happens on this day, so see how this works out for you. You might travel, see about improving your looks, or feel improved health on this gorgeous day, as just a few of many possibilities.

Financially, money luck will follow you near January 17-18 and also near January 22. On the days near January 17, you may get an extra freelance job, be asked to work overtime (with good pay), or pick up new business.

January 22 will be even luckier. With Mars in perfect angle to Uranus, when money arrives, it will come as a complete surprise. Also, on the same day, Venus will cuddle up to Uranus, another sign of more money to come to you. Money you see will likely be earned, not won, for the house where this energy will be directed will be earned income. This will be birthday time, so it is also possible you may receive a very generous surprise gift. We all want to be you!

The biggest news of the month will be the new moon solar eclipse in Aquarius at nearly 7 degrees due on January 26. If you were born near that date, or within five days of that date, you will be especially favored. Still, you may have other natal planets that I cannot see that will be lit up at this time. Stay alert.

Eclipses have the power to completely change your life’s path, and this one seems primed to do so in the best sense. Jupiter, planet of good fortune, will orbit very close to this new moon eclipse and seems to indicate that a completely new path will suddenly open up for you. Even if you don’t feel quite ready, the eclipse will show you that you are!

If news does not come immediately at the eclipse, then look one month to the day later, February 25, plus or minus four days. Watch the days surrounding February 12 too, when Mars will move over the mathematical degrees of the eclipse. More news should come then as well.

Although this eclipse is really, really fortunate for you, it is possible that one person may leave your immediate surroundings when they are “eclipsed out” of your life at that time. It seems to be a male – it could be a boss, partner, friend, co-worker, or almost anyone. It does seem to be an authority figure or someone who has a prominent place in your life. Perhaps this person will move away or you will have something of a falling out. This won’t necessarily happen, but if it does, you may be a little sorry to see that person go.

Keep your health very strong, as you will be very busy this month. The time near an eclipse sometimes brings up a health difficulty that needs attention. This is not necessarily true for you, but should anything show up, it’s not because Jupiter isn’t working for you – it will be evidence that he is! Follow doctor’s orders and you’ll soon feel like a million again. Jupiter is, after all, the planet of health, happiness, healing, and all good fortune. You are Jupiter’s favorite this year, so get ready to be showered with happy news all year!

Dates to note:

Romance will be brightest: January 17-18, 22, 23-24, 25 (wild card), and 30-31.

Financial luck will be astounding: January 22. Stabilize your finances and add to your overall security: January 23-24.

A business partner or middleman, agent, or broker could be very helpful to you: January 23-24.

Watch your health: within four days of January 10 and the eclipse January 26 plus one week, as a precaution.

Mercury will be retrograde from January 11 to February 1. Do not act too closely to these start and end dates.

Your luckiest days of the year: January 23-24 when Jupiter conjoins the Sun. Your gift may be material, spiritual, or emotional.

The solar eclipse in Aquarius will open a new door with a brand new opportunity: January 26 plus one week.

(In regard to this eclipse, also watch February 10-13 for news next month, and February 26 plus or minus four days if you don’t hear news in January.)

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