Autumn colors - autumn leaves / Colors de tard...

Image by Ferran. via Flickr

This morning I was walking down the sidewalk in the city and I was all bundled up in my warm winter coat and knit hat.  The air was crisp and chilly, and all seemed relatively quiet and serene with only a few cars driving past transporting people on their morning commute.  I was walking down the street, contemplating all the little things I wanted to accomplish in the day ahead, and suddenly as I was crossing the street there was a big gust of wind that seemed to appear from nowhere.  It whipped all these leaves around me and for a moment I stood completely still in awe of all of nature’s confetti swirling around me.  This small little event brought a big smile to my face.

Whenever these moments happen I am always surprised how much happiness they tend to bring out in me.  In this case it reminded me of the fall and of being a child and playing in autumn’s fallen leaves–throwing them into the air and watching them cascade down around me like snowflakes.  I always find it so amazing how the little things really make me happy.

So even when you get stressed out and frazzled, try to focus on the small things and find happiness in all the wonderful things around you.  Oh and since the colors are changing and fall will soon be winter, take some time to check out the spectacular fall foliage.  It really is beautiful.

Anyway, I have been MIA the last few weeks on vacation and enjoying beautiful beach weather in Hawaii.  I am back now (yay!) so I will resume with my more regular blog updates.  Hope everyone is doing great!

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