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I walked in the door last night and my arms were filled the the usual baggage–my laptop bag, my hand bag, a jacket, and a spare pair of shoes (I have a strong affinity for very high heels, so when I always try to carry a practical pair of shoes with me should I ever need to walk a long distance).  I set everything down on our little black leather chair in the entryway and greet the puppies.  Then I head to the fridge where I try to come up with what makes sense for dinner, sometimes the answer is going out, other times it is left overs, and then other times it is snacking on whatever food we happen to have in the refrigerator (yes, I have had dinners consisting of pickles, saltines, and some carrots because there was nothing else).  Once I have finished eating then I usually log on to my laptop, work for a while, maybe watch some TV.  On the nights when the hamper overflows I might do some laundry–most of which makes it through the washer and then dryer and then lays in clean piles until the weekend when I have the time and energy to fold them.  On some nights I work on my many projects like the iPhone application, my GMAT studying, my blog, or my workouts.

The thing is, I wish I could do more.  I wonder if maybe I am spreading myself to thin across too many things?  And when do people find time to cook healthy dinners?  Moreover, when do people find time to clean?  And how can I possibly pack everything I need into one handbag?

Do you know anyone who is one of those super moms?  The ones who can do everything?  The ones that when someone shoes up they have cookies, crackers, lemonade and fresh fruit out on a plate for their guests.  These are the same ones whose house is always clean and when you open a closet a mess of stuff doesn’t spill out, no, everything is labeled neatly and stored in boxes.  I read the magazine Real Simple and I aspire to be as organized and put together as the people who must contribute to that magazine.  I just don’t know how anyone can actually do all of this Martha Stewart stuff, have a career, and still manage to have fun once and while.

So with this in mind I am thinking of trying to organize my life a little better and get better at prioritizing.  I am planning on spending this weekend organizing the house.  We are going to a wedding on the 5th (which I am very excited about) but I am going to try and spend Saturday going through closets, hanging up the pictures on the floor, putting things away and creating the big pile of stuff to sell on ebay.  Maybe I will even go and look for the coffee table and bar stools we are missing.

And maybe I will do another blog posting on the little things you can do to help you get more organized and pulled together.

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