I haven’t updated in a while because I am so busy. I have a whole bunch of projects going on, both personal and professional leaving my spare time to a minimum.
I have been keeping active via twitter, so if you don’t already follow me then you should! http://www.twitter.com/katemats

About two weeks ago I picked up my workouts again. I have been holding steady at 129 pounds but am hoping to get down and stabilize at 120 pounds (and eventually 115 pounds, but I take it one step at a time). That means more time on the elliptical trainer and more time searching for things to watch On Demand (Comcast’s TV on demand service for those of you who aren’t familiar).
This week I re-encountered Kimora Lee Simmons reality show. I seriously love her. She has such great taste. Everything she does is so over the top and fabulous. I think my wardrobe would look like hers if I could afford it. So much of her clothing is metallic, pink, animal print, glittery, bejeweled, or adorned with feathers and accents. Her home is so opulent and decadent, it was what my house would look like if money were no object. Even though she is a bit of a diva, I love how she is a such a perfectionist–and she has done a great job building an empire around her brand. It is definitely something I want to emulate as I think about my future.

I really need to think more about my “brand” — what that means and how I will cultivate it into success. Kimora is definitely one of my role models.

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