So I have been trying to come up with a good gift for mother’s day.  In my search I came across this great site: One Share.  It is really a cool idea, because you can buy a single piece of stock for someone and it comes with a certificate and a frame and a little engraving.  While it has a mark up ($136 for one share of Tiffany’s stock, which is currently trading for just over $43), it is a nice a day and a great way to teach children, teens or college students the value of investing.  The share of stock is actually belong to the recipient.  It is a great way to give people a piece of what they really love and would make a good gift.  Like if you wanted to give me a present, it would be much better to get me a share of Krispy Kreme stock, than a dozen donuts, since I am almost always on a diet (even though I *love* Krispy Kreme).

Oh and for those of you thinking about your first anniversary, it is a great way to gift “paper” (and no, this isn’t what I am getting for my husband–I have something much better planned).

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