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Well not really, but I do take part in a lot of other things.  So if you like this blog you might also like:

my launch list

Did you know I left my corporate job to start my own thing in January of this year?  It is exciting.  And for a more personal look into the internal workings of my startup and life you can subscribe below.  Although I will warn you, it is much more personal than professional!


technology & leadership newsletter (TLN)

The amazing Kate S and I put together a regular newsletter with everything interesting we uncover in tech, leadership and other goodness.  Head on over to the TLN site to sign up. 


recruiting hacks

When I first became a CTO and I had to build an engineering team. I thought I knew everything about assessing candidates (I was a bar raiser at Amazon and had done hundreds of interviews).  But there was so much more to learn!  I think your first 2-8 employees are the most difficult and having done this several times I definitely made a lot of mistakes and created a lot of tricks.

Kate and I built the recruiting hacks membership site which is everything I learned and all the templates, samples, surveys, and more to hire great people quickly.

consulting, speaking & more!

And while I have less time for extracurriculars these days, I love the chance to collaborate and work with other amazing people.  You can read more details on my services page.

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