I decided next month I am going to start taking the bus to work.  Normally this hasn’t been an option in the past because my hours were too long.  However, as I am going on vacation next month (yay!) it just wouldn’t make sense to pay for a whole month of parking.  This gives me an excuse to cut my commute in half and start taking the bus.  I am hopeful that taking the bus will allow me to read, save money on gas, save money on parking (instead of paying $8.50/day for parking I can pay $5/day for bus fare (it is $2.50 each way, but I am hoping it will actually be less to take the bus if I buy ride coupons).

In order to take the bus though, I have to start getting up early to make it to the bus stop.  As I have been trying to workout in the morning I have been doing an alright job getting up around 6:30-7am, doing a 45 minutes workout and then showering and getting ready (which takes about 45 minutes or so).  Needless to say I want to get more efficient with my time. So I have some options–skip working out in the morning (not my preference), take less time getting ready (need to figure out how to do this), and get up earlier.

I figure I need to get up promptly at 5:45 or so, go workout and then be in the shower by 6:45am.  Here are the things I am doing now to get ready:

  • Setting my alarm at the appointed time
  • Resolving to actually get up when the alarm goes off (I love the snooze button–it is like a little magnet for my finger)
  • Paring down my morning routine (you always read about double duty products so maybe it gives me an excuse to try some of those)
  • Blow drying and styling less–chignons and french twists more (my long hair seriously takes forever to coif)
  • Picking out my clothes the night before (sometimes I can get lost in my closet trying on outfit after outfit–Lucky Magazine’s (October issue) letter to the editor suggested just wearing the first thing you put on, so they may also be another time saving technique)
  • Streamlining my handbag, laptop bag, pile of stuff I carry to work. (This deserves a whole post in itself–how to organize your bags so like a girl scout you are prepared (to me this means carrying things like dental floss, advil, lotion, perfume, etc) but everything is neat and pulled together)
  • Investigating bus schedules and bus coupons
  • Locating a mani/pedi place close to the bus stop (since I used to go after work I have a place I drive to downtown, now I need a new place closer to where I will park my car)

Any other ideas?  Suggestions?

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