So when can a recession (perhaps?) and decreased consumer spending can be a good thing?  When it means great deals!  In the event that stores can’t sell their inventory, they lower the prices on items (basic supply and demand–less people spending money means prices must decrease to compensate).  Being a big fan of online shopping and bargain hunting I have been keeping an eye on various websites waiting for a good sale.

Last week (despite my do-not-buy-new-things-and-keep-saving-to-invest) I made a purchase at Martin & Osa (only shopping the sales section).  M&O is a subsidiary of American Eagle.  AE’s clothing is a bit below my “age appropriate” range, but I think they have well made high quality clothing (and I know some people who work in their corporate offices, so I also like to patronize my friend’s businesses)–so I had been wanting to buy something from M&A for a while now.  I went in the store a couple of times in the local mall, but the prices were a bit more than I like to spend and they sale selection was pretty picked over (as most chain stores in malls tend to be on weekends).

I ordered some clothing (pictured below) and I got a great deal.  In part because they had a lot of stuff on sale, but I also googled for coupons and found a 20% off offer.  And I qualified for free shipping.  So all said and done I spent $112.

My favorite purchase was definitely the brown silk dress.  All of the clothing felt a bit thin (I think they are supposed to be light weight for summer, but it was raining here when the packaged arrived), but overall everything felt well made.  The shipping was prompt (and free) and you can return things for free (either in store or via the free shipping return label enclosed with your order).  So all-in-all I was really happy with everything I purchased for just over $100.

Martin & Osa Silk Dress brown and white

Martin & Osa Silk DressMartin & Osa Crewneck Top (purchased this top in white and heathered grey)

navy hoodie top - fashion martin osa shopping

Martin & Osa Casual V-Neck Top

Martin & Osa Silk V-Neck Sweater (purchased in black)

Martin & Osa Silk V-Neck Sweater (purchased in black)

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