I wish I had an ebay account.   I think I may set one up.  Lately I am obsessed with selling stuff on craigslist.  When I moved (at the end of 2007) I had an excess of furniture.  We started listing things on craigslist and in the process came up with tons of other ideas of things we could list.  Now I am trimming the fat on my handbag collection and it is kind of exciting (although also kind of sad to sell a $500 handbag for $200–but I seriously won’t carry them anymore, so it is better to get some money for something that is merely taking up precious closet space).  At first I was planning on getting a new handbag (I have been coveting a Balenciaga City Bag for the last 3 years — I saw a girl carrying a green one through the first class line in airport security), but now I am thinking of just stocking the money away for a while.  I am going to try and sell some of my clothes I have outgrown or just don’t care for anymore and just start saving up all the money I earn from my sales.  Like compound interest (if you dont’ understand the value of compound interest and saving as much as you can early then click here), if you start putting away a little bit extra every year it can really add up.  So now in addition to all my other goals I am going to try to start selling things I don’t use (and recoup some of my spending).   Anyway, this is a great way to make a little extra money as well as getting rid of things you don’t need (and it is my new favorite hobby).

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