I never know how some girls do it, their hair just always looks great. You know the ones with the Rapunzel waves of hair with every curl in place–even when they get out of bed (maybe I have been watching too many episodes of The Hills but great hair is still something to aspire to). Even with the whole bed head trends, when I wake up it looks like I slept in my hair and I can’t seem to recreate the same effects I get with a blowout. Since my hair is processed, fine and gets oily (I love my hair products) I was so excited to stumble on my new obsession–Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleanser.

It is this neat little dry shampoo that you can spray on your bed head and it absorbs the oils and has a delicious coconut vanilla scent that lifts your mood (the coconut smell was what hooked me from the beginning). Combine this shampoo with some hair spray and a curling iron and you can fake I-just-got-a-blow-out bombshell hair. See picture below.

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