handbag from rachel zoe bags

Rachel Zoe.  I seriously love her.  She gets lots of criticism in the media–she has a famed fued with Vogue editor Anna Wintour, and Perez Hilton, one of my favorite celebrity bloggers, often writes posts about her that are less than flattering–but I love her.  Besides being an entrepreneur–she started out as a fashion editor at YM and then went on to start her own business as a stylist to the celebrities–she is so stylish and fashionable.

She recently had her own reality show, the Rachel Zoe Project, and though I only got to see one episode I really liked it (and her clothes and style were amazing). I hope there is a second season.  In the episode I saw she wore a fur vest and lots of chunky jewelry–now I am craving a fur vest.  I also hope it comes out on DVD so I can watch the other episodes.  Lately all TV shows come out on DVD, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

Rachel Zoe also collaborated with Judith Leiber to design a handbag line (they are a bit out of my price range though — they retail $1600+), and there are rumors she is going to be designing a more affordable line soon.

handbag from rachel zoe bags

Handbag from Rachel Zoe Collection

If you want to get a little piece of Rachel Zoe’s style you can also check out her picks for Piperlime (Gap’s online only store for shoes and handbags).  She has a little column where she picks out shoes and bags from their selection–and I love almost everything she picks.  She even offers fashion advice for user questions like “How to wear booties”:

I would try cropped jeans that are slightly baggy or slouchy.  They can be rolled up and paired with shooties or booties.  Jeans that are very tapered and skinny look great too.  They are almost like tights or leggings and add a bit of that 80s trend.

I also think booties look great with skirts or dresses and tights myself 🙂

Here are some pictures of Rachel Zoe from fashion week so you can get a glimpse of her style.



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