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Happy New Year!  Its 2010 and that means a start of a new decade.

As I have said previously, I heart New Years.  I love fresh starts.  The whole idea of turning over a new leaf and making things better than last year is such a great and inspirational feeling–it really gets me going.

So far my new year is off to a slow start sent I spent the first few days recovering from some bizarre cold, that involved feeling really fatigued, headaches, and an all over achy feeling, but hardly any other symptoms.  I am happy to report, though, that by the end of the first week I am feeling revived, healthy, and ready to rumble!

Here are my major highlights for 2009:

  • Started a new job – I left one company in online video, and then subsequently joined an SEO technology company (both in a VP Engineering role).  This means new challenges, new people, and lots of learning.  I must say the first two months at the new gig have been both challenging and fun, and I am looking forward to where this will go over the next year.
  • Finally started fixing up our house! Even thought most of this happened in the last half of the year, I am so pleased with all the progress we made.  I am hoping to continue this renovation and pretty project over the next year.
  • Maintained my weight.  I didn’t gain, I didn’t really lose.  And I ran a half marathon (and lots of other long runs–all the way up to 19 miles!).
  • Improved our financial savvy.  This year we definitely got more organized and focused on mindful spending (less impulse shopping).  Hopefully we can get better with investing in 2010.

This brings me to my new years resolutions for 2010 (here was my post on my resolutions for last year)….drum roll please…..

  • Expand my professional network. I am hoping my new job will provide some opportunities here, but I need to make a point of getting out and networking–meeting more people, making new friendships and relationships, etc.
  • Bring more focus on my blog and personal brand.
  • Cook at home more. I love cooking.  I love new recipes.  I love grocery shopping.  I really need to make a point of cooking a proper meal at least one day per week (right now I am lucky if this happens once a month–we are big fans of takeout and the microwave at our home).
  • Take more pictures & videos. This may seem like a weird one, but every year as I look back and reflect on things we did I always regret that we didn’t capture more of it on film (still or moving).

What about you?  Any interesting or worthwhile resolutions?

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