It is nearing the end of January (kind of scary really) and I haven’t had hardly any time this month to make much progress on anything.

While I was on vacation in Mexico I ate and drank constantly.  I think I honestly ate as much each day as I normally eat in two days.  The indulgence wasn’t a purposeful thing, it just more or less happened because we were with group(s) of people and someone always seemed to be hungry.  If something concrete wasn’t planned we would eat, and if something was planned we would eat then too.  And while I normally abstain from alcohol I liberally drank all sorts of fun drinks–margaritas, pina coladas, hard alcohol cocktails, and I even had my first daiquiri (which tasted like an alcoholic strawberry milkshake, although I had expected something more sugary and blue like daiquiri ice flavored ice cream at Baskin Robbins–one of my favorites).  So needless to say I returned from my trip slightly heavier than when I left (you would honestly think that donning a swimsuit everyday might have swayed the gluttonous eating, but it did not).  So I am back on my diet.  And having spent a bunch of money in Mexico I am also ruthlessly on a budget.

That whole paragraph is basically my long winded way of saying I am focused on saving money and losing weight so my new year’s resolution to cook at home has become important.  So on Tuesday after I was back I went grocery shopping and purchased 6 bags of healthy diet friendly food.  Our local grocery store (Safeway) was having this 10 for $10 special on all these things–cucumbers, red peppers, salad bags and carrots–so I stocked up (I mean it seems like a pretty good deal, right?).  I have made my lunch the last two days (but stocked up on lean cuisines just in case–they are seriously like adult lunchables) and “cooked” dinner the last two days.  My cooking mostly consisted of dissecting a rotisserie chicken, but I did make salads both nights.  I am hoping to collect a bunch of *simple* recipes that I can use to whip up a healthy, wholesome meal very quickly.  So far that hasn’t happened, but it is in the works.

The other thing that I am make progress on with respect to resolutions and self improvement is my whole “getting organized” kick.  I have been making lists and checking things off.  I basically have all these little projects and I am trying to get more out of my day.  I still have a *ways* to go here, but at least I feel like I have made some progress over the last month about using my time efficiently.

I know I have a bunch of other areas I am working on, but that is what I have so far 🙂

And here is a new one to add to the list:  I want to get better at my makeup.  I got my makeup done in Mexico and those women sure do know how to wear a lot of makeup and have it look natural.  I want to learn, since it looked phenomenal on me and I wish I could replicate it every single day.

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