I love New Years resolutions.  Some people think they are silly useless things, but I love them. I think self improvement is so important, and everyone should always strive to better themselves and improve.  New Years is like a fresh start a chace to really wipe your slate clean and start all over.  Afterall, everyone kind of lulls after the holidays, and new years is like a good burst of fresh energy–like stepping outside of a really crowded elevator going up lots of floors.  I know this holiday season I ate too many candy canes, drank too many glasses of wine, and for some reason treated myself to several king size boxes of holiday Nerds (I really love those candies).  I am ready for the New Year, where I am planning to be healthier, happier, and more organized.  And since I have so many “resolutions” that I am starting a bit early.

Let’s go over what I accomplished this year (always a good way to start):

  • My Blog — I started my blog and for the most part have gone a pretty good job of updating regularly
  • My Job Performance — I am proud of how hard I worked this year.  Not just the sheer amount of things I accomplished but all the things I learned.  I am amazed at how many things I didn’t even know that I needed to learn! I still have lots of other things to improve on, but I definitely think that this was one of my big triumphs of the year.
  • My Diet — I have one of the worst sweet tooths (or should that be sweet teeth?), I seriously only eat candy some days.  This isn’t healthy or good for your waistline.  I have managed to get my weight down to around 125-127 consistently.  My goal is 115, so while I still have a ways to go I am happy with my progress so far.  A large part of this has been because I have been more careful about what I eat and eating more fruits and vegetables.
  • My Workouts — I have been consistent with my 3-5 times per week of cardio and this has made me feel more energetic and healthy.

Here are my big goals for next year:

  • My Diet — see above
  • Get Organized — This is a big one for me.  I am always a little scattered.  I have made small improvements over the years, but 2009 is going to be my big year of organization.  I plan to improve my space (my desk at the office and my house), my computer (yes, my files are everywhere and it is often hard to find things–I have virtual clutter!), my paper work (I plan to devise a system and stick to it), and my time (I want to be as efficient as humanly possible).
  • Cook at home more often —  I used to cook all the time.  I would watch the food channel so much that I would actually know what Rachel Ray episodes were reruns (and when I had a tivo, I would record cooking shows!).  I miss cooking.  I think the last year has been snacking for dinner, and eating out.  I want to spend more time cooking and planning meals; I also think this may be a good way to be more economical and save money.
  • Be more financially savvy — I think that all of us can continue to improve our money habits.  With the economy being where it is these days I think we need to make an effort to be more thrifty (spending less and spending smart). I also want to invest my money wisely and make smart financial decisions.  I definitely did a lot of this in 2008, but I think I can continue to improve and get a lot better in 2009.  I also want to start saving up to make a big real estate purchase before the market totally rebounds.
  • Socialize more — Whether it being actually attending networking events or throwing pot luck get togethers I am going to make an effort to see my friends more frequently.  In 2008 I was so consumed with work I had little time to collect my thoughts, but I really want to use more of my time to see the people that are important to me.  So this year I am going to try and make more plans and perfect my entertaining strategy.

That’s it so far, but I may come up with a few more before the end of the year!  I also need to work on making these more tangible and specific, and figure out how to translate my goals into habits.  I will put some thought into that over the next few days and see what percolates 🙂

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