So last week was the start of the half yearly sale, I went online the night of and I made a few purchases.  Being a little unhappy with my weight (I really enjoyed myself while in Hawaii–and that means eating a whole lot) I decided to splurge on shoes instead of clothing–especially because I was looking to buy some new black boots.

I needed to buy a new pair of “unembellished” black knee high boots.  I want to find some pointy toe ones that would look cute with my work clothes.  This proved difficult, but I did come across a fairly plan black suede pair.  I don’t normally buy suede because wet Seattle winters can prove to bit a little rough on the material–but these were Cole Haan boots with Nike air, so I had to have them (seriously, Cole Haan shoes with Nike air are the most comfortable stylish shoes you can buy–I am a total convert since buying one pair).

The thing is, I also found a very cute pair of Frye boots.  They were a lot more fashion forward and featured a cool patchwork and snake print design.  I love my Frye motorcycle boots, which held up nicely and are very well made–I don’t doubt I will probably own them forever (even though I don’t wear them nearly as much as I used to).  They came in this dark grey color, which is very neutral and would go with everything.  And they would look super hot over jeans with a chunky sweater in pretty much any color.  So I bought those too.  I figured when they arrived I would try them on and see which ones I liked and return the other pair (since even on sale, they weren’t cheap and we are in a recession and the holidays are coming up….).

Well the thing is I love both pairs–I can’t choose which one to give up.  Here are the pictures, any thoughts?

Frye Boots

cole haan boot suede black

Cole Haan Boots


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