So for those of you who don’t know this the last two weeks of July mark an important fashion event.  Each year during this time Nordstrom has their Anniversary Sale.  Unlike most sales (where they just mark down the old merchandise that hasn’t sold), the Anniversary Sale is special because it is the fall lines offered at a discount right when they are available.  This means you get the end of sale price at the beginning of the season.  Since I became fashionable (I used to look quite dorky and had never worn high heels until a few years ago) I have consistently shopped this sale on the first day.

Why shop on the first day with all the crowds? Well there are two reasons: the first is that it truly is an experience, and second (and most important) is that some things do not get restocked when they run out (just like the slogan — shop early for best selection).

So if you go to Nordstrom on the first day, here are my strategies for making the most of your time (I usually go at 7am when they open so I can be into the office before 10am).

  1. Shop online at midnight the night before.  This is especially good for shoes (if you know your size in the brand) and clothing items.  Also, a lot of the time makeup and accessories online are different from what is in the store.  So those are also things worth checking out.
  2. Buy sunglasses and accessories first (this is especially important if you are not there the first day) as some items in these areas are not restocked.  Most clothing items and shoes will be restocked (not universally true but it can be), but things they don’t anticipate selling in high volume aren’t always restocked during the sale.
  3. If you don’t have time to wait in line, buy things in your size (or sizes if you aren’t sure) and return later.  This also gives you another chance to shop the sale at a later time.  Just make sure your credit card limit is high enough for all your purchases!
  4. If you get there early, start with shoes.  Finding mates (and getting someone to wait on you) is difficult when things get busy (plus shoes get piled everywhere and it is hard to find what you want).  These aren’t as fun to carry around but you can check your bags if necessary.
  5. Shop beauty and lingerie last, they are almost never as busy as other sections (my guess is that most people don’t tend to try on items as frequently as other departments).
  6. Don’t forget to check out the juniors department.  Sometimes they have cute trendy jewelry, scarfs or t-shirts.
  7. Grab a latte or a muffin beforehand!  I am always amazed how hungry I get from shopping!

Good luck shopping!  I hope you find some great deals.

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