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what can you do that you will be proud of next year.

What are your predictions for the year?  I don’t know about you, but my year is already starting out in a wild and crazy way (more news on that soon)…. I love New Year’s because it’s such a perfect opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed; I can look back on how far […]

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Becoming a Manager

good things come to those who wait - actually - good things come to those who work like crazy and never give up

Becoming a Manager As I’ve said before on this blog: when I started my career, it was never my intention to become a manager. I always wanted to be a software engineer (and one day an architect or principal engineer), and I worked really hard to deepened my technical knowledge  as I possibly could. I […]

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why fir in when you were born to stand out - dr seuss quote

The last post on networking seemed to be a hit, and this is another great one to go with it.  The values of personal relationships are obvious, but sometimes when making those connections can be hard.  Or we make them and then fail to cultivate them.  One way to help you build lasting bonds, is […]

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