So lately (well the last two weeks) I have been fascinated with finance.  I have always found all things related to money interesting and of course being such a nerd I absolutely love numbers.  I have been considering revising the layout of my site into sections–I am just not sure which ones to choose.

And while this has been going on I have also been very good and dedicated to my working out program.  I did cardio 5 days per week for the last two weeks and I am planning to hit that target again this week.  I haven’t seen the scale move much, although I have been eating like a pig at a smörgåsbord (a la Charlottes’ Web), so I am going to try and make that an area for improvement for this week.  I have also been trying to get through Tales From the City, but I haven’t had much time in the evenings because of work.  I am flying to LA this weekend though, so I plan to have it finished by the time I return.  It should be a lot of fun to get away for the weekend and hopefully it be really sunny and beautiful (although I kind of enjoyed the overcast and rainy weather that plagued Seattle today).  Oh and I have been thinking about getting a video camera.  In my efforts to get more video (well any video!) on my website I think I want to get one and take some videos during our trip.  I have to do some research first though and see what to purchase.

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