In exactly one month from today I will be frolicking on the beaches of Hawaii. The people who are close to me know that I seldom take time off work (it is in my nature to work all the time and I have consistently had a hard time taking time off and traveling–much to my dismay), so this is kind of a big deal.  I am already planning a list of books to read while I am there (reading on the beach is by far one of my favorite things in the whole world).  Needless to say, I am very excited about the trip.  The only part that I am dreading–the swimsuit.

My workout/diet regimen

Current weight: 129 pounds

I need to get in shape.

I have been doing pretty well working out recently.  I have been consistent at averaging 5 days per week of exercise of at least 45 minutes.  I have been eating a little more though, because I have felt hungrier.  The last two weeks at work (especially this week) have been really stressful too–and I am emotional eater so I tend to crave sugar and candy when the stressful times roll around.  I have been doing my best to curb those cravings but I wouldn’t claim that I have been doing a good job.

I came across this article on about emotional eating (I think it was in Good Housekeeping, but I can’t be sure since it was in some random magazine I picked up at the nail salon).  It was saying that one of the biggest problems emotional eaters have is they don’t enjoy food.  They don’t savor it or really love it–they just mindlessly eat it.  Now I am trying to be a bit more mindful of my meals and snacks.  I eat almost everything while I am doing something else–surfing the internet, working, walking, talking, etc.  I never really think much about what I am putting in my mouth.  Maybe if you take the time to think about it you will just end up eating less because you are too busy to spare much time.  🙂

My workouts are going well though because I found a trick that is actually making me not want to miss a workout.  I purchased the series of Gossip Girl Season 1 on DVD.  I am sooo addicted.  I love that show; it is such a guilty pleasure.  Each episode without commercials is about 40 minutes–a perfect amount of time for cardio.  When I have had time I have even watched 2 episodes back to back, which means I have logged a couple of extra long workouts this week.

Since I have only 4 weeks and a goal (to feel great in a swimsuit) I am on a major diet kick right now.  I am doing low-carb with some fruit (Honeycrisp apples are in season and they are one of my favorite things so I can’t give them up) for the next 4 weeks.  I am hoping if I can stay strict I will be able to get down another 8 pounds. 

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 Wish me luck.

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