So there is no doubt this week has been crazy.  We launched a major web site, that had major press (just search any news archive for Troop Tube; it was even on local TV stations!)–and besides doing my regular job I also had a presentation this Friday (which is now tomorrow morning).  Of course, someone like me, who hates public speaking (I might hate networking events even more) should prepare in advance.  That is the secret right?  Lots of preparation, practice, rehersal, speaking out loud–all those things would make it easy right?

Well somehow I procrastinated and despite my deep thought couldn’t come up with a compelling topic that would be interesting to a bunch of technology leaders.  Finally at 5pm, as my day was drawing to a close I picked a topic.  So now, as I am getting ready to hit the hay I can’t help but thinking–why on earth did I wait so long to put slides and write my outline.  I really hope I can pull it off tomorrow.

Why is that when we have something we really don’t like doing we tend to procrastinate and put it off?  I know that is what I did in this case even though, doing well directly benefits me more than anyone else.  Anyway, I guess know deep down it is because I hate presenting.  I hate procrastinating too, and in this case I am just using my work as an excuse.  Regardless, tomorrow is my presentation and when it is over I will be very happy.  And it is Friday and I am really looking forward to sleeping in over the weekend 🙂

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