I like to do extraordinary work with top leaders.  I only work with a few select clients who are a great fit, and together we achieve great results.  

Organizations can enlist my help wherever they are having trouble bridging technical (team, tools, systems) with their business.  This can be in the form of training their team, helping recruit and coach the right people into the right roles, or even just help align technology, marketing and business.

I have a lot of experience working with teams in trouble, and am happy to help coach or mentor other leaders in these situations. I generally don’t take consulting projects, but you can contact me with info about your project and if I am not the right person I will be happy to refer you to someone else in my network.

If you are interested in coaching, I would also encourage you to checkout our courses over at popforms – we are always adding new options there and I am very involved in developing that content.


I have become known for my original slides and thoughtful content.  I have helped organize conferences, given keynotes, and love these type of projects.  
I can speak to large groups, teach workshops or training, or even just spend the day coaching your team.  

Typically my topics are on my areas of expertise, including:

  • Deep Technical Topics

    • Cloud computing
    • Distributed systems architecture
    • Operations
    • Scaling big systems
  • My favorite topics

    • Technical leadership
    • Being more awesome at your job
    • Hiring and interviews (this area tends to lend itself best to workshops)

If you think I would add value to your event, then just drop me a note.  I always like hearing from smart people and will welcome the chance to connect.