Sure… When I was young and struggling to pay my rent, I used to remember what it would be like to shop in a high end store like Nordstrom.  I would be so envious of the girls who had the license plate frames “I would rather be shopping at Nordstrom”, since it meant that not only they could buy one thing there but probably shopped there all the time.  I even remember the first time I did buy something there.  It was when I was about 22 and I bought a skirt of the juniors’ sale rack for $24.  Even though I had high aspirations and desires though, I always thought the only way I would ever achieve such nice things was hard work.  I busted my butt through school and my job, tolling long hours at the office.  I knew that the only sure fire way I could ever get what I wanted was sheer sweat and determination.

Sometimes when things were really hard though–I would get a bad grade on a test, or my boss would be a little too harsh with his criticism, I would sit and wish: if only I had some prince charming who was just tolerable enough to rescue me, or at a minimum provide some temporary relief.  I thought it had to be possible, I mean I wasn’t bad looking, I knew I was intelligent and most of the time people seemed to like my company.  Of course I had no idea how to find such a companion, so I abandoned the thoughts of rescue and continued with my plan of working hard.

Well when I was watching Good Morning America, they had a story on sugar daddies which has been exploding recently.  There are a ton of sites, and it is kind of crazy that this has become so main stream.  One girl even described it as “dating with perks”.  Some people are comparing it to prostitution.  And of course there is all sorts of debates and ethical implications.  I was kind of surprised at the number of sites devoted to this such as  Anyway, I don’t think I would have ever looked for an “arrangement” like these, but it is certainly an interesting thing that has become possible thanks to the Internet.  Watch the video and read the article here.

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