why fir in when you were born to stand out - dr seuss quote

The last post on networking seemed to be a hit, and this is another great one to go with it.  The values of personal relationships are obvious, but sometimes when making those connections can be hard.  Or we make them and then fail to cultivate them.  One way to help you build lasting bonds, is […]

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Improving Your To Do Lists

You mind is for having ideas not holding them - david allen quote

Who doesn’t want to be more productive? I have the tendency to forget things if I don’t write them down, so it is super important to me that I have a system to manage all the balls in the air. This need has become more pronounced as I become responsible for more things, both at […]

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Delegating: Are You Ignoring This Key To Success?   In this week’s issue of the Technology Leadership Newsletter, a particular article from the Harvard Business Review caught my attention: “More Direct Reports Make Life Easier”. This article was interesting to me because I am little enamored with the concept of non-hierarchical leadership. I love the […]

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Becoming Indispensable

if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door

Have you ever worked on a project with other people, really felt like you gave it your all, and then were passed up or received less recognition then you thought you deserved? This happened to me early on in my career. I had been on a project with 5 people, and after the feature shipped […]

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the meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck - tony robbins quote

I consider myself to be truly lucky. You might not expect me to feel that way, given my background. I grew up very poor; sometimes we couldn’t afford food.  My mom was a single mom who worked as a waitress, so raising two children was a challenge on a very limited income.  The area where […]

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any fool can know the point is to understand albert einstein quote

So you mustered up the courage, asked for feedback – and you got it. Now what? When you’re in the moment, getting notes from your boss, mentor, or peer, you’re taking on a lot of information; not only that, but you’re working on understanding what it all means, and how it will all affect you. […]

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