Update: Based on the amazing response to this post and my passion for building the perfect notebook, we launched a Kickstarter on November 20, 2014 to fund our creation of the perfect notebook. The Spark Notebook was fully funded just 14 hours after launch, and we have just kept going to see how far we can […]

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Mentors are a great way to grow and learn from another’s experiences and can help accelerate your career. There are all sorts of mentoring relationships–formal ones, managers, and even one-sided mentoring (where someone may be a mentor and isn’t aware of that fact). I encourage people to have more than one mentor. All you are […]

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One of the most frustrating things is sitting in a poorly run meeting. It seems obvious of what makes a good meeting however I have sat through more poorly executed meetings, than good meetings. In the effort to make sure we use time as efficient as possible I came up with this blueprint that works […]

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