Th first step once you have identified the company you want to work for is to figure out what skills, or experience you need to qualify for their open roles. Since positions change all the time, what you want to pay more attention to than the jobs themselves are things like the technology stack and […]

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This is an continuation in my exec coaching experience.  If you have been reading along great, if not, here is some additional posts for background: post #1: My decision to embark with an executive coach post #2: My first session post #3: The first part of the 360 review (the good part) Since the first […]

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Being Positive

Recently I started taking the bus to work. I did this for two reasons, one is that I lost my parking benefit at work, and the second was that I thought it would be a good way to help the environment (and save money).  When I lived downtown I used to ride the bus everywhere […]

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Hello and Good Morning, Right now I am sitting in a hotel room in Houston, TX.  I am staying at Hotel ZaZa, which I really like–it is very impressive given the price (it was cheaper than the Double Tree Hotel right next to the airport).  There is a museum across the street showcasing Corot paintings […]

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We Launched!

Here is the article: Pluggd Targets Brightcove With Delve Networks, A New Video Delivery Platform. This is super exciting for our team, as we have been working so hard. But as with any launch, I have the feeling the hard work is just beginning. We changed our name (can I tell you how excited I […]

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Personal Update

So I have refrained from putting a lot of personal info up here, but since I haven’t been posting much the last few weeks I figured I should provide a bit of an explanation. Next week, my company (Pluggd Inc.) is going to be making a major announcement.  I am going to be in Los […]

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Photos From the Office

My dogs usually come with me to the office. Gizmo is the laziest dog ever, and here is the photographic proof.

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