One week ago it was Thanksgiving and it is hard to believe that already one week has passed by!  We went out to dinner for Thanksgiving, since most of the family was out of town and we were on our own.  I love to cook normally, but I also am beginning to feel unbelievably busy with all of my commitments.  We went to Ray’s Boathouse, since they had a big buffet in the upstairs cafe portion.  The turkey and gravy were great, and I ate a lot of salad (I have been really craving vegetables a whole lot lately)–but they didn’t have any pumpkin pie (they did have pumpkin cheesecake and chocolate covered marshmallows).  I ended up buying a pumpkin pie from the grocery store and eating it for most meals over the next 4 days.  I think eating out was fun (lots of mimosas and fabulous company!), but I think I am going to opt for a home cooked meal next year; either that or I am going to opt for super high end food and go to the Herbfarm.

So even though we ate out for Thanksgiving, I still managed to overindulge and pig out all weekend.  And of course I didn’t exercise–just laid around watched movies and had a grand old time.  Normally this is no big deal and I would just scale back keeping working out–but I have another beach vacation (January in Cabo San Lucas) coming up, so I need to stay focused and get bikini ready. So I am working on eating less, eating healthy and working out.  I have no more series on DVD at the moment so I don’t have those to motivate me at the moment.  But Lost Season 4 is coming out so that is next and will be a great motivator.

What is interesting is that I don’t feel as over worked as I did prior to vacation, and I am not really ready to take another vacation since it feels like I just got back from Hawaii.  I think it will still be a lot of fun, but hopefully we will have the internet in our room and I can stay connected and up-to-date at the office (unlike Hawaii).

On another note, I started reading Twilight Series which I am really excited about.  I am about half way done with the first book and I really like it.  I haven’t seen the movie (everyone I talked to about it said the books are way better) and I likely won’t until I have read all the books (that way it gives me some time to forget the details that always make the movie seem so mundane).

And of course I am excited it is already December, that means it is almost Christmas!

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