So normally a sale, is a sale, is a sale.  But the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the special ones.  Why?  Well, because instead of putting the

Nadri Long Necklace

old merchandise that didn’t sell, they put the fall stuff on the racks at a discount, and then in 2 weeks when the sale is over, that fall merchandise goes right back up in price (oh and some of the bigger Nordstrom even care some items that are only there for two weeks and then anything not sold goes back to the vendor–these are called black lined items).

Anyway, I always get up early for this sale and get a little excited.  First, because I love fall and winter clothing (hello sweaters!), but also because this is a great time to buy things like classic jewelry, sunglasses, and accessories (last year I bought a whole slew of scarves!).

(BTW, here is a tip sunglasses typically aren’t restocked, so if you are in the market for a good pair get there early)

Anyway, I am planning to buy this Nadri necklace I have been lusting after since last year’s sale (I have a hard time spending more than $50 on a piece of jewelry (it is $118.90 0n sale) that isn’t “fine” jewelry, but I have been coveting this particular piece for so long I am finally going to give in).

As for what else I may get, well I am thinking about browsing around for a new winter coat, perhaps some new tops, and maybe some workout gear (I am considering training for a marathon or at least a half-marathon).

Happy shopping!

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