….is that you can’t say what you really think.

You see I have lots of opinions–thoughts that would probably be fascinating to read–but even though this is my blog I feel like posting those thoughts would have such bad unintended consequences that I don’t dare do it.

For example (and these are random examples pulled off the internet, not necessarily things I would write about), you can’t write what you really think about your significant other, because if they read it they will likely be upset.  You can’t post about how much you dislike your job, or your coworkers, or your clients because if they read it they will be really upset.  And you can’t post about your friends because they too will be upset if they don’t like your opinions.  All of this spells recipes for disaster.  I think this is true of most personal blogs though.

I think I need an anonymous blog where I can post all my *true* feelings about things.  I think that blog would be *really* interesting to read.

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