Over the last week it seems like a lot of exciting things have been happening.   I posted my first blog on SEO (which is a mild indication I am progressing above novice and really starting to understand our users and audience – and that is super important if I am going to be successful in helping refine our product strategy), I attended my first search conference, and I got to spend a work-week in NYC (which for some reason always makes me thinking about the world in a much bigger way).

So here are some things I have learned about myself so far:

  1. I have no clue what my personal brand should be – I have so many broad interests and there isn’t really one thing I am great at doing (well other than my job of course – but even then a VP Engineering does so many things technical management, people management/hr, cross group communication, writing, strategy, sales help, etc).
  2. I need to make my goals more granular. Right now my goals are very grandiose, and even though I broken them down into chunks some of them are still a bit less actionable.  I have a 5 year, 10 year, and longer plan – but at the same time I feel like I really need to break things down into smaller more attainable pieces.
  3. I suck at networking – in a big way. I learned a lot at the conference, went to lots of sessions, took notes, tried to tweet meaningful lessons and interesting thoughts; but I barely made any new connections.  I am just so shy and have such a difficult time talking to people I don’t know – so I am going to read some books to help with those things.
  4. I really need to come up with better, comfortable clothes for traveling. On my flight to NY I was so impressed with how gorgeous the girls were dressed – in particular I absolutely loved the look of denim leggings with flat, slouchy boots and layered sheer tees and cardigans–so stylish.  I totally wanted to go shopping and buy some of these awesome pieces while I was in NY, but I don’t think I will get the chance – perhaps when I am back in Seattle.

Ah yes, just a big list of my problems – well hopefully I will be able to figure out some great solutions and be able to say I have done something really great 🙂  But for now, these are the things on my mind.

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