Ladies, the next time you are on a date don a red ensemble.  Based on a study done at the University of Rochester men are more attracted to women wearing the color red.  Men tend to percieve women in this color to be more desirable of more sexually attractive.

I don’t own anything in red except for two pairs of shoes.  This means it is time for me to start looking for a hot red date dress 🙂  Some of us girls could always use a little more help.

On a side note, I wonder how this would impact business or the work environment.  They say that more attractive people tend to be more successful–so if you have an important business meeting would wearing red make a difference?  Perhaps, although it may not be a “good” thing.  Of course this begs the question “Is being feminine and sexy an advantage or disadvantage in the work place?”  That is a question I wish I knew the answer to…..

Interesting food for thought.


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