Once again the seasons are changing and I am starting to put away my tank tops and sandals and pull out my sweaters.  And like every year I am thinking of what I want to update my wardrobe from last year.  Here are a list of a few of things I am considering….

A great weatherproof, super warm coat.

Taking the bus to work totally sucks when it turns cold and rainy (or snowy!) here in Seattle.  Last year I got a down coat for Christmas and while it was warm it wasn’t really weather proof, and as a result did not survive to be worn again this year.  I need something industrial strength yet still stylish. In the movie “” Renee plays a very stylish big city girl who is forced to relocate to very cold Minnesota for work.  Since she is super stylish and is filmed wearing NorthFace coats, I am guessing there aren’t any designers that have made ultra-warm outdoorsy coats (well I haven’t found one).  So I am leaning towards NorthFace or Patagonia (and designers, if you hear me, please see if you can’t make something both cold weather functional and more stylish–please!).

And if I didn’t have to buy one of these more functional cold weather coat, I would be longing for a bright yellow or red coat.

Here are the two options I am considering:

North Face Parka

North Face Parka

Patagonia Parka

Patagonia Parka

A fur (faux, of course) vest.

Rachel Zoe totally inspired me on this one.  In fact she did almost a year ago!  I love the way she styles the flowly blouse boho look with a cute furry vest.  I have a cute cropped vest that I love but it is actually hard for me to wear–I think it is much better for women a little less curvy on top. However, I think I could definitely work a longer version!

Here are 3 great options (all of which I would love) — the first is Joie “Mongola” Faux Fur Vest ($318 from Bloomingdales), the second is a fur vest from Rachel Zoe’s Collection from QVC ($79.80, was $106), and finally Damselle Faux Lynx Fur Vest ($98 from Nordstrom)

Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 12.17.48 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 12.19.02 PM

Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 12.20.21 PM

A cute pair of booties

I have one pair of black leggings and a pair of black “patent leather” leggings (they aren’t real leather, just look like it) and I heart the look of leggings with ankle booties.  Heart.  I want to get a cute pair of booties and some leggings (and then probably some tunics) to wear this winter.  Although leggings (like skinny jeans) may not be the best look for my body type, so I may end up just wearing the boots under wide leg pants and jeans (at least you can get leggings real cheap so I can at least take this look for a test drive).

Here are a very cute pair (and they are flat!) in blue suede ($50, marked down from $75) — I just love the color.  It would look great with all black outfit.  The one downside is these would be so hard to dress up — even with black pants and a black top I am not sure it could be made into a work-ready look.

Blue Suede Boots (very Elvis)

Blue Suede Boots (very Elvis)

And I love this pair from nine west. ($109)  They have a super cute zipper in the back, and the gray color is a such an awesome neutral.  And these could easily been worn to work, or with jeans, or with a skirt, or with….(lots and lots of options).

Gray Leather Booties

Gray Leather Booties

These boots are so tough ($121)!  I love all the little zippers.  They have a great edge to them and would look so fabulous paired with anything floral (very ironic — and I love any style that is contrasty like contrasting colors and styles, etc). Although I should caveat that I probably won’t buy these (as cute as they are) because I own one pair of Report shoes, and even though they are beautiful they are so uncomfortable I have only worn them once.  Maybe if I could try them on I might reconsider, but it isn’t worth the hassle to order online.

Screen shot 2009-10-01 at 1.30.56 PM

Zipper Booties

Anything else?

I also want some more chunky knit sweaters, maybe some embellished flats, and I could use some more stylish tops.  But the other thing I want is to keep saving my money — unemployment is still high and it still isn’t clear when the economy is going to recover.  Soooo, who knows what I will end up actually buying.

Happy shopping!

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