flower2I love the holidays.  I really do.  They are by far my most favorite time of year.

I think part of it is the pretty sparkly lights and decorations.  Part of it is all of the gatherings with friends and family.  And of course I love giving presents (it is far more fun to be generous and give to other people than it is to buy something for myself).  Anyway, my weeks have been completely filled and it already seems like time is very scarce.

So what has been happening lately – well first off I started a new job.  I hadn’t planned to go back to work after leaving my last company–in fact I had planned on starting my own company (that entrepreneurial spirit has been egging me on for some time).  However, in a kismet sort of way, I fell into this new job and I couldn’t be happier.  I have never worked at a company quite like this–and I really enjoy the people and admire the culture they are trying to create.  I feel so fortunate for everything that has come my way (consider this a little late Thanksgiving).  As for my venture–it will happen–it is just going to be on hold for a while….

Anyway, it is December and I haven’t had much time for updates.  Mostly this is because of the new job, and of course the holidays. Plus to be honest, I just haven’t found it as easy to write much recently.  Oh, and I have finally started to undertake the massive endeavor of fixing up our house–which is quite the project.  Last weekend we spent time putting up our Christmas trees (we have two–what can I say, I love the holidays!) and organizing everything!  We only made it about 1/3 of the way but are hoping to make some more progress this coming weekend.hairflower

I have also been spending way too much time on Etsy.  I bought this very chic and sophisticated hair flower.  I am planning to wear it to my work holiday party this Friday.  I think I am going to pair it with a silver dress I wore for new years eve 2007. I also bought 2 hand crafted and preserved flowers–they are supposed to last years.  I am planning to put one in our guest bathroom, and I am unsure of where the second one will go, but I figure I can find a place as a revisit the whole “house” project.

Flower pictures are the credit of Christina Floresdelsol – her blog is here and you can find lots of inspiration and link to buy more of her creations there!

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