Last week I didn’t get a chance to update much since I was completely slammed with a big assignment at work.  I got it done though, and in time and I was quite pleased with myself.

On a side note, I also decided I was sick of my brown theme so I changed it up.  I really like this theme because it is easy to customize and make your own.  So I plan to edit it like crazy 🙂  Of course for now it is just nice to get a face list.

My birthday is coming up and I have asked for a new pocket digital camera.  That way I can take more pictures.  For example, I have a bunch of projects going on I haven’t updated about; like my new favorite thing is embossing, where you stamp a rubber (or plastic) stamp in glue-like ink and then sprinkle glitter over it; then you heat up the glitter so it melts and voila–a cool looking embossed stamp.  It is how I am making the thank you cards for all of my wedding gifts.

Anyway, don’t get too used to the site design as I am still tweaking it and making changes, but do look forward to more pictures and content over the coming weeks.

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