At Popforms, my startup, we have been working to make tools to help superstars shine at work.

Through research and conversations with leadership experts, psychologists, consultants, coaches, and most of all our users, we’ve tinkered with products and ideas for how to help amazing people to be even more amazing at work. 

And we discovered, today’s leaders want to be empowered in their career development. They want to own their journey. They’re not doing a long climb up the corporate ladder, taking prescribed paths or using the tools that worked yesterday. They crave new content, on their own schedule, in their own language.

They want to be the CEO of their own career.

So we built a tool to help them do just that:

announcing pop star

Starting today, individuals and enterprise teams can take their career development to the next level with Popforms!

Pop Star is a subscription product that gives users access to an in-depth curriculum on career-boosting topics that help them shine at work. And you can get it now!

Our current course is called “Be Someone Everyone Wants To Work With”. For the next 12 weeks, Pop Star users will get weekly emails with deep lessons, actionable tips, high quality videos, worksheets, audio features, interviews with leaders, and more to help them be the person other people always want to pick first to join their team.

After 12 weeks, a new course will begin every quarter as long as you are a subscriber. You can view current and past content anytime in your user dashboard, and you also have complimentary access to any of our sparks at any time.

Is your career important to you? Do you want the tools to take it to the next level?

Get the skills and strategies you need to truly shine at work — join Pop Star today!

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