Hello there! I wrote this awesome post on Making the Most Out Of Conferences (for speakers and attendees), however, it is on the new Popforms blog. And I am probably going to post there more than here on katemats.com for the foreseeable future.  So if you want to stay up to date be sure to check it out. 🙂 […]

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thanks for being a reference, despite what you know

Contractor Research – Guerrilla Style Choosing to outsource a part of your business and your work is a big decision.  Many times these are big endeavors that require a lot of time and lot of money.  Therefore as a leader in your company influencing the vendor selection through thorough research and information can help set the project […]

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Planning an Offsite

When people read my blog, sometimes people email me in response to something I post, or to ask me about ideas.  I generally don’t mind this because it makes me think about problems (and like puzzles, solving problems can be a lot of fun), and it allows me to connect with the people who actually […]

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How to Manage Your Manager

While this post is about managing your manager, a better title might have been how to get your manager to invest in you without them knowing. I am leaving my current role in a couple of months, and the unfortunate part of that means leaving lot of wonderful people.  With my departure I have been […]

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So a few weeks ago one of my friends who is a CTO at a very successful consumer facing startup was talking to me about how they do vendor selection.  We were discussing this as my team was pondering an upcoming vendor selection for a new project.  It was apparent almost immediately our two companies […]

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Recently a friend of mine suggested I take a look at a slideshow Netflix put together on their culture.   The slide show is long (128 slides) but I definitely think it is worth the pass through as it embodies and codifies a lot of traits most organizations would like to adopt. Some of these are […]

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Tips from the Ritz

So recently I came across this blog post on customer service that said: Make it easy for your people to serve customers…Instead, be the Ritz-Carlton. Each employee is given an individual, daily budget to create a wow experience for a customer, or for “service recovery.” (That’s to fix, or even over-fix, an error or problem […]

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