My New iPhone!

Finally! After using a blackberry pretty consistently since 2003 (there was a brief 2 month fling with a smartphone) over the weekend I went out and bought an iPhone (16GB 3Gs for those who are curious).  Ever since leaving my job at Microsoft I have used an apple powerbook or ibook as my main computer. […]

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This is cool and fun to play with — here is mine: Hard to say if it is accurate or not since “design” and “legal” don’t necessarily have much to do with how I would define myself per se 🙂  But I liked that it had online, management and fashion in there! What is the […]

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What I Want Now: iPosture

I slouch all the time.  I am always trying to remind myself to sit up straight.  I have tried sitting on a medicine ball, sitting on one of those kneeling seats and leaving myself little notes on my monitor reminding myself to straighten up.  I read about this little device in a recent issue of […]

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One of my favorite Christmas presents this year was Mor Cosmetics Marshmallow body butter and body wash (I also received the lip gloss–which came in a very cool tube package).  I know it is New Year’s Eve and a more appropriate post would be about all my goals and plans for the New Year, but […]

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Holiday Shopping

This weekend it was unbearably chilly in Seattle–the temperatures were below freezing, but there just wasn’t any precipitation so there was hardly any snow (the only good thing about cold weather in my opinion). And of course this cold-weather-with-no-snow is supposed to last all week 🙁 The only good thing about the cold and snow […]

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Not everyone has photoshop skills (one look at my website shows that I don’t–allow I plan to change the site layout and design soon!) and typically when I wireframe workflows I use a pen and a blank piece of paper.  It will have little lines and squares, and scribbles and it hardly looks like a […]

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Book Reviews

Last night my good friend Jessica came over to trade some books and borrow Gossip Girl–we are both going on vacation and while I have been intending to get to the library borrowing books from good friends is even better (if for no other reason than you get to see your friends!).  While we were […]

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Paying for Performance

I came across this article recently that detailed an economics experiment where field workers compensation was based on their performance. They conducted a series of experiments where compensation was tightly tied to performance and saw significant productivity gains each time.  From the article: “They proposed a “tournament” scheme in which workers were allowed to sort […]

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It only takes about one minute and think of all the paper you can save! Go to YellowPagesGoGreen and provide your address and information to opt of receiving those pesky phone books (they would always just pile up until I had about 3 or 4 when I would finally say too much and throw them […]

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An old coworker of mine and I once argued about 401ks.  He said “Why would I put my money in that account when I can make more investing it on my own and don’t have to wait until I am 65 to leverage it?”  Fair enough, I argued about the 3% employer match we had […]

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